Sentence Examples with the word Elder

But there was this essential difference between the position of the two Henries, that the elder aspired to be no more than.

He was originally destined for the church and was brought up at the Jesuit college at Blois, but after the death of his elder brother he entered a cavalry regiment, served in Bohemia and Bavaria and on the Rhine, and in 1747 had attained the rank of colone took part in the siege of Maestricht in 1748, became governor of Vendome in 1749, and after distinguishing himself in 1756 in the Minorca expedition was promoted brigadier of infantry.

On his death in 1856 the kingdom was divided, Majid, a younger son, taking Zanzibar, while the two elder sons contested the succession to Oman.

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The fort built by Arouj Barbarossa, elder brother of Khair-ed-Din, was completely destroyed by the French.

He was the young tsar Peter's chief supporter when, in 1689, Peter resisted the usurpations of his elder sister Sophia, and the head of the loyal council which assembled at the Troitsa monastery during the crisis of the struggle.

These courts consist of every parochial minister or professor of divinity of any university within the limits, and of an elder commissioned from every kirk session.

The elder of these, succeeding as 3rd Baron Grantham (1781-1859), became in 1833 2nd Earl de Grey, in right of his maternal aunt, and assumed the surname of de Grey; he was lord-lieutenant of Ireland (1841-44).

In 1765 the elder Forster was commissioned by the empress Catherine to inspect the Russian colonies in the province of Saratov, which gave his son an opportunity of acquiring the Russian language and the elements of a scientific education.

The elders were different from the deacons, but there is no indication that any one elder was of higher rank than the others.

On the 11th of March 1868 Talal, smitten with an incurable malady, fell by his own hand and was succeeded by his brother Matab; after a brief reign he was murdered by his nephews, the elder of whom, Bandar, became amir.