Sentence Examples with the word Einleitung

Hug, Roman Catholic professor of theology at Freiburg, published (Stuttgart and Tubingen) his Einleitung in die Schriften des N.

His works were Untersuchungen fiber die innere Wahrheit des Christenthums (Minster, r805), and Einleitung in die christkatholische Theologie, of which the first part, a philosophical introduction, was published in 1819, the second part, on positive theology, in 1829.

Bruckner (1839); C. Wachsmuth, Einleitung in das Studium der alien Geschichte (1895).

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Certainly the publication E of his Einleitung (Introduction to the Old Testament), in 1780-1783, is a landmark in the history of Old Testament criticism.

It was necessary, in the first place, to give to this absolute a character, to make of it something more than empty sameness; it was necessary, in the second place, to clear up in some way the relation in which the actuality or apparent actuality of nature and spirit ' The briefest and best account in Schelling himself of Naturphilosophic is that contained in the Einleitung zu dem Ersten Entwurf (S.W.

Plitt, Einleitung in die Augustana (Erlangen, 1867 ff.); compare also J.

Apokalyptik (1857); Novum Testamentum extra canonem receptum (4 parts, 1866; 2nd ed., 1876-1884); Histor.-kritische Einleitung in das Neue Testament (1875); Acta Apostolorum graece et latine secundum antiquissimos testes (1899); the first complete edition of the Shepherd of Hermas (1887); Ignatii et Polycarpi epistolae (1902).

In 1749 he published Einleitung in die Harmonie der Walafrid also edited Thetmar's Life of Louis the Pious, prefixing a preface and making a few additions, and divided Einhard's Vita Caroli into chapters, adding an introduction.

Hence the fallacy of those who, like Bosanquet, or like Paulsen in his Einleitung in die Philosophie, represent the realistic theory of inference as if it meant that knowledge starts from ideas and then infers that ideas are copies of things, and who then object, rightly enough, that we could not in that case compare the copy with the original, but only be able to infer from idea to idea.

Strack, Einleitung in den Talmud (Leipzig, 1908, very concise, but replete with bibliographical and other information).