Sentence Examples with the word Egypt

The khedive of Egypt has authority, delegated by the sultan, to grant this order.

De Goeje, Memoire sur la conque'te de la Syrie (Leiden, 1900); Butler, Arab Conquest of Egypt (Oxford, 1902); art.

But some mishaps followed, and Mehemet Ali, who had determined to conduct the war in person, left Egypt for that purpose in the summer of 1813.

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At our disposal, but the circumstances in Egypt .

The masters of Egypt were now split into these two factions, animated with the fiercest animosity against each other.

At the same time, however, the Athenian expedition against the Persians in Egypt ended in a disastrous defeat, and for a time the Athenians returned to a philo-Laconian policy, perhaps under the direction of Cimon (see Cimon and Pericles).

Of the succession of Abbas differed, however, from the text of former firmans, the intention being, apparently, to exclude Egypt from the administration of the Sinai peninsula.

See also Birch, Egypt (S.P.C.K.), p. 151 (ark of Khonsu); cf.

Mashtflb to depose him and appoint in his place a brother called al-Fgiz Sabiq al-dIn IbrahIm: this attempt was frustrated by the timely interposition of al-Muazzam Isa, who came to Egypt to aid his brother in February 1219, and compelled al-Fgiz to depart for Mosul.

Exasperated by their loyalty to their religion, the king ordered all the Jews in Egypt to be imprisoned in the hippodrome of Alexandria.