Sentence Examples with the word Eggs

The exports are chiefly oxen, meat, fowls and eggs for Gibraltar and sometimes for Spain, with occasional shipments of slippers and blankets to Egypt.

The eggs after being laid are carried about by the mother, adhering in a glutinous mass to the underside of the abdomen.

What it is that determines the arrest of some eggs and the progressive development of others in the same capsule is at present unknown.

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The parents pay no further attention to them, except the pythons, which incubate their eggs by coiling their body over them, and fiercely defend them.

Bruchus pisi causes considerable damage to pease; during the spring the beetle lays its eggs in the young pea, which is devoured by the larva which hatches out in it.

From the pupae, again, are developed sexual individuals, the females of which lay fecundated eggs productive of gall-founders, thus recommencing the biological cycle (see Compt.

These Polystomum deposit their eggs in the branchial chamber and die at the metamorphosis of their host.

The eggs of locusts may remain for years in the ground before hatching; and there may thus arise the peculiar phenomenon of some species of insect appearing in vast numbers in a locality where it has not been seen for several years.

Josh glanced up from his plate of sausage and eggs and reached over, pulling out a chair for her.

I drew an analogy between plant and animal-life, and told her that seeds are eggs as truly as hens' eggs and birds' eggs--that the mother hen keeps her eggs warm and dry until the little chicks come out.