Sentence Examples with the word Egg

In the autumn a single fertile egg is laid by apterous females in a crevice of the bark of the vine where it is protected during the winter.

R.o, egg sac; od, oviduct.

Fertilization takes place as the egg is laid, the spermatozoa being ejected from the spermatheca of the female and making their way to the protoplasm of the egg through openings (rnicropyles) in its firm envelope.

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The fertilized egg charged with food reserves rests for a considerable period, surrounded by its cortex, the whole having assumed a reddish-brown colour.

Her heart was knocking around inside her chest like an egg in a blender.

The doubling process is provided by the act of fertilization, where an antherozoid with the single number of chromosomes fuses with an oosphere also with the single number to provide a fertilized egg with the double number.

If however the bird flies away, egg and all, then he faints or loses his reason.

He cites Groom's evidence that larvae obtained from the egg readily go through one moult in the aquarium, and the known fact that the last larval stage is.

The flower is a shoot (stem bearing leaves) which has a special form associated with the special function of ensuring the fertilization of the egg and the development of fruit containing seed.

She lifted the egg to the light and took her time examining it.