Sentence Examples with the word Effigies

C. 1 4 63) and his wife, and three canopied altar tombs - one with the effigy of a priest and another with effigies of Sir Matthew Cradockand his wife.

To this combination of modellers in European style and metal-workers of such force as Suzuki and Okazaki, Japan owes various memorial bronzes and effigies which are gradually finding a place in her parks, her museums, her shrines or her private houses.

Pictorial representations in early manuscripts, and the rude effigies on their coins, are not very helpful in deciding as to the form of crown worn by the Anglo-Saxon and Danish kings of England before the Norman Conquest.

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In the churchyard are the recumbent effigies of Captain Thomas Crawford of Jordanhill(d.

It is adorned with the effigies of kings and emperors who were once benefactors of Nijmwegen.

In a chapel in the south transept are the effigies of Henry II.

This church also contains a large number of fine sculptured tombs of the 14th and 15th centuries, with noble effigies and reliefs of saints and sacred subjects.

The forms of these are earth-heaps, conical mounds, walls of earth,, rectangular pyramids and effigies (Putnam).

Under Augustus the coins have on the obverse the imperial effigy, and on the reverse the names and often the effigies of the pro-consuls who governed the province, P. Quintilius Varus, L.

In the forefront of the new movement are to be found men like Yoneharu Unkai and Shinkai Taketaro; the former chiselled a figure of Jenner for the Medical Association of Japan when they celebrated the centenary of the great physician, and the latter has carved life-size effigies of two Imperial princes who lost their lives in the war with China (1894 95).