Sentence Examples with the word Effie

Claire pulled Effie by the arm and led her upstairs, after pronouncing they would return to claim their purchase after an hour's rest.

Dean stepped back and she hurriedly left the room, Effie close on her heels.

Claire, in her usual manner, said nothing as she departed, but Effie had flustered and hovered about, asking detailed questions about Annie as soon as her sister was out of ear-shot.

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Claire took a seat offered by one of the climbers and proceeded to add to the sainthood by correcting every other sentence poor Effie tried to offer.

Effie has hardly left Boston, Claire answered while Effie and Gladys continued to become soul mates of the supernatural, blabbering away in the corner.

It was not a reaction the Deans expected when Effie read the sordid confirmation her great aunt was a prostitute and carrying on an adulterous affair.

Somehow, considering Gladys, Effie or Claire seemed to stretch common sense more than an overweight bungee jumper.

She and her husband related their conversation with Effie to Fred, how she had read the notebook, her comments regarding the gold coins, and their new, more respectful evaluation of Miss Effie Quincy.

Ryland made a beeline for his room, and the Quincy sisters tromped up the stairs, Effie giving a three-finger wave and Claire looking as if she'd punch out the lights of anyone who got in her way.

Little gray haired Effie wore a perpetual smile on her pretty face, a tad on the silly side but charming nonetheless, in a bewildered sort of way.