Sentence Examples with the word Eduard

Plates; Berlin, 1890); Carl Sapper, Das niirdliche Mittel-Amerika (Braunschweig, 1897); Caecilie Saler, Auf alten Wegen in Mexico and Guatemala (Berlin, 1900); Eduard K.

KARL ROBERT EDUARD VON HARTMANN (1842-1906), German philosopher, was born in Berlin on the 23rd of February 1842.

FRIEDRICH WILHELM EDUARD GERHARD (1795-1867), German archaeologist, was born at Posen on the 29th of November 1795, and was educated at Breslau and Berlin.

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Wolff, Zur Erinnerung an Eduard Lasker (Berlin, 1884); Freund, Einiges fiber Eduard Lasker (Leipzig, 1885); and Eduard Lasker, seine Biographie and letzte offentliche Rede, by various writers (Stuttgart, 1884).

The main facts of his career were finally elucidated by Eduard Dietrich in a series of articles contributed to C. W.

The Germanist, Wilhelm Eduard Albrecht (1800-1876); the historian, Friedrich Christoph Dahlmann (1785-1860); the orientalist, Georg Heinrich August Ewald (1803-1875); the historian, Georg Gottfried Gervinus (1805-1875); the physicist, Wilhelm Eduard Weber (1804-1891); and the philologists, the brothers Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm (1785-1863), and Wilhelm Karl Grimm (1786-1859), - for protesting against the revocation by King Ernest Augustus of Hanover of the liberal constitution of 1833, further reduced the prosperity of the university.

MARTIN EDUARD VON SIMSON (1810-1899), German jurist and politician, was born at Konigsberg, in Prussia, on the oth of November 1810, of Jewish parentage.

Bamberger, Eduard Lasker, Gedenkrede (Leipzig, 1884); A.

See Die Fabeln der Marie de France (1898), edited by Karl Warnke with the help of materials left by Eduard Mall; and Die Lais der Marie de France (2nd ed., 1900), edited by Karl Warnke, with comparative notes by Reinhold Kohler; the two works being vols.

Nevertheless the general desiccation is subject to temporary fluctuations, which appear to correspond to the periods recently suggested by Eduard Bruckner (b.