Sentence Examples with the word Edith

Rocking back and forth, head bowed, Edith began to touch herself, her cheek, her arms, her body, again and again, as if indicating where she had been struck but unable to utter the painful words.

Dean tried to minimize Edith's story but Fred pressed them until Cynthia related, in broad detail, all Edith had told them.

Conversation on the trip up was limited to Ryland's enthusiastic appraisal of his son's abilities and skiing in general, with no mention of Edith Shipton and her problems.

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Blaming Edith fit nicely with his plans to kill her.

Besides, Edith had the pen in her possession so he lacked any opportunity to change it back to the color she used years earlier when she wrote the suicide note.

She confided it to her husband late one night, awakening him from his sleep as Edith Shipton had just awakened him but a week before.

Whoever the guy in the Blazer was, he gave Edith the look-see when he drove past Bird Song.

The last thing he wanted now was for the police to interview his wife so soon after she'd hung up on him as he lay in bed with the now-dead Edith Shipton.

One logical candidate was the offspring of Edith Plotke and Josh Mulligan: someone forty years old, perhaps a red head.

Dean pulled out the photocopies of the old newspaper ads requesting information on Josh published first by Edith Plotke and later by her father.