Sentence Examples with the word Edén

For some reason, the idea Eden was content after so short a time irritated him.

I don't remember them being as dedicated or genuine or approachable, Eden said.

Xander remembered her older and realized he had always viewed Eden through the eyes of the child who embarked on a journey with the Oracle obsessed with destroying the last Grey God.

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Older and wiser, Xander was aware of what she did now, just as he was starting to understand the identity crisis that caused Eden to seek him out.

Of all the things Eden might've said to him, this one actually stung.

If Eden succeeded, Xander died, a fact he didn't learn for many years after she left him writhing in agony on the roof of a tavern.

On the north-west side of the Pennine system, marked off from it by the upper valleys of the rivers Eden and Lune, lies the circular hill-tract whose narrow valleys, radiating from its centre somewhat like wheel-spokes, contain the beautiful lakes which give it the celebrated name of the Lake District.

To the north, west and south, a flat coastal belt, bordering the Irish Sea, with its inlets Morecambe Bay and Solway Firth, and broadest in the north, marks off the Lake District, while to the east the valleys of the Eden and the Lune divide it from the Pennine mountain system.

Several other residential suburbs lie among the hills on the mainland, such as Mount Albert, Mount Eden and Epsom.

When my mother died, Eden gave me a choice: to use my special gifts for her benefit.