Sentence Examples with the word Ecstatic

Too bad his little boys weren't quite so ecstatic about it.

This is reached through contemplation of the primeval Being, the One - in other words, through an ecstatic approach to it.

He felt ecstatic that she heard in his music what he saw in her art.

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For as the Arahat had conquered the cravings that were supposed to produce the new body, his actions were no longer Karma, but only Kiriya, that led to no rebirth.4 Another point of Buddhist teaching adopted from previous belief was the practice of ecstatic meditation.

More exalted still, however, is the sudden ecstatic vision, such as was granted, for example, to Paul.

In fact, Dionysus may be regarded under two distinct aspects: that of a popular national Greek god of wine and cheerfulness, and that of a foreign deity, worshipped with ecstatic and mysterious rites introduced from Thrace.

It blended the Christian element of love with the ecstatic vision of Plotinus, sometimes giving the former a decided predominance.

When she emerged, it was to the sight of a glowing, ecstatic Hannah, who sat on the edge of her bed talking to a sleepy Toby.

And she smiled her ecstatic smile.

Neoplatonism seeks this in the ecstatic intuition of the ineffable One.