Sentence Examples with the word Ecstasy

I'll bet you a night of unbridled ecstasy against a week of doing dishes that they end up in the sack.

Suddenly my ecstasy gave place to terror; for my foot struck against a rock and the next instant there was a rush of water over my head.

If Deidre found pleasure in funnel cakes and warm socks, she found utter ecstasy in Gabriel's arms.

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The Hebrews shared the paradoxes of Orientals, and religious enthusiasm and ecstasy were prominent features.

In the early Church, still Jewish, the belief was in the coming of a mysterious power from God which produced ecstasy and worked wonders.

It was at Pisa, in the church of Santa Cristina, on the fourth Sunday in Lent (April I), while rapt in ecstasy after the communion, that Catherine's greatest traditional glory befell her, viz.

A breeze made her curtains flutter, and she closed it, certain Claire's cries of ecstasy would soon fill the air around the mansion.

All desire to push him away vanished and she clung to him, lost in the ecstasy of his urgent lovemaking.

That I should repent on the morrow and rally myself on my over-wrought ecstasy never once entered my thoughts.

In the earliest period the services were characterized by extreme freedom, and by manifestations of ecstasy which were believed to indicate the presence of the spirit of God; but as the years went by the original enthusiasm faded away, the cult became more and more controlled, until ultimately it was completely subject to the priesthood, and through the priesthood to the Church.