Sentence Examples with the word Echo

The other, which served for the treasure-houses, passed in front of the Porch of Echo parallel with the line of the east Altis wall.

Sometimes a sounding-board over the head of a speaker improves the hearing probably by preventing echo from a smooth wall behind him.

When she came to retell the story in a fuller form, the echo was still in her mind of the phrases she had written nine years before.

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As the Genesis begins with a line identical in meaning, though not in wording, with the opening of Cmdmon's Hymn, we may perhaps infer that the writer knew and used Cmdmon's genuine poems. Some of the more poetical passages may possibly echo Cmdmon's expressions; but when, after treating of the creation of the angels and the revolt of Lucifer, the paraphrast comes to the Biblical part of the story, he follows the sacred text with servile fidelity, omitting no detail, however prosaic. The ages of the antediluvian patriarchs, for instance, are accurately rendered into verse.

Demands tending towards the Magyarization of the joint army had been advanced and had found such an echo in Magyar public opinion that Count Andrassy was obliged solemnly to warn the country of the dangers of nationalist Chauvinism and to remind it of its obligations under the Compact of 1867.

My dwelling was small, and I could hardly entertain an echo in it; but it seemed larger for being a single apartment and remote from neighbors.

The best Italian Latin is but an echo and an imitation; like the painted glass which we put in our churches, it is an anachronism.

The above is unmistakably the voice of those early Christians who hated Paul, or at all events an echo of that voice.

In Newton Upper Falls, Echo Bridge (of the Boston Aqueduct) crosses the Charles near the falls in Hemlock Gorge Reservation of the Metropolitan Park system.

Within the Anglican Church, however, the new revival was Augustinian and Calvinistic, till it gave place to a Church revival, the echo or the sister of the Ultramontane movement in the Church of Rome.