Sentence Examples with the word Ebbed

The fire ebbed to glowing coals in the silent old building and she snuggled against him.

The sangar at first fell into the hands of the Russians, but they were soon ejected, and small British detachments reoccupied and held it, while the various Russian attacks flowed up and past it and ebbed back into the Quarry Ravine.

Here his strength rapidly ebbed away, but his mental faculties remained brilliant to the last.

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The tide of their dominion ebbed and flowed repeatedly, but the normal Khazari may be taken as the territory between the Caucasus, the Volga and the Don, with the outlying province of the Crimea, or Little Khazaria.

The tide began to flow which has hardly ever ebbed during three-and-twenty centuries.

Slowly the strength ebbed from her body and reading became a chore.