Sentence Examples with the word Eaton

The total Eaton Hodgkinson, who assisted in the experimental tests and in formulating the imperfect theory then available.

Theophilus Eaton Francis Newman William Leete State Jonathan Trumbull Matthew Griswold Samuel Huntington Oliver Wolcott.

In 1820-23 he sent out at his own expense i Professors Amos Eaton (1776-1842) and Edward Hitchcock to make extensive surveys, results of which were published as An Agricultural and Geological Survey of the District adjoining the Erie Canal (Albany, 1824).

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On the 27th of April with the assistance of three bombarding cruisers Eaton captured Derna - an exploit commemorated by Whittier's poem Derne.

The first settlement in New Haven (called Quinnipiac, its Indian name, until 1640) was made in the autumn of 1637 by a party of explorers in search of a site for colonization for a band of Puritans, led by Theophilus Eaton and the Rev. John Davenport, who had arrived at Boston, Massachusetts, from England in July 1637.

Of the vast number designed upon traditional lines may be cited those for Lambton Castle, Welbeck, Eaton Hall, Twickenham, Clieveden, and the Astor Estate Office on the Victoria Embankment.

THEOPHILUS EATON (c. 1590-1658), English colonial governor in America, was born at Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire, about 1590.

The other urban districts are Alfreton (17,505), Alvaston and Boulton(i 279), Ashbourne (4039), Bakewell(2850), Baslow and Bubnell (797), Belper (10,934), Bolsover (6844) Bonsall (1360), Brampton and Walton (2698), Buxton (10,181), Clay Cross(8358), Dronfield(3809), Fairfield(2969), Heage(2889), Heanor (16,249), Long Eaton (13,045), Matlock (5979), Matlock Bath and Scarthin Nick (1819), Newbold and Dunston (5986), New Mills (7773), North Darley (2756), Ripley (io,III), South Darley (788), Swadlincote (18,014), Whittington (9416), Wirksworth (3807).

With him the line ended, but a younger branch was seated at Eaton Socon, Beds., where the earthworks of their castle remain, and held their barony there into the 14th century.

Jackson could brook no criticism from one whom he had considered a friend; Calhoun, moreover, angered the president still further by his evident sanction of the social proscription of Mrs Eaton (q.v.); the political views of the two men, furthermore, were becoming more and more divergent, and the rupture between the two became complete.