Sentence Examples with the word Eat

In religious meetings, to eat the dominical or Lord's Supper, but that this aim was frustrated by some who ate up their provisions before others, so that the poor were left hungry while the rich got drunk; and the meetings were animated less by a spirit of brotherhood and charity than of division and faction.

She made one anyway and forced herself to eat it, blaming her recent trauma for her queasiness.

The mention of him reminded her of her cramped stomach and the half dozen failed attempts to eat normal food.

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I was very fond of bananas, and one night I dreamed that I found a long string of them in the dining-room, near the cupboard, all peeled and deliciously ripe, and all I had to do was to stand under the string and eat as long as I could eat.

Don't eat too much dust today.

Hutton describes his specimens as sucking the juices of flies, which they had stuck down with their slime, and they have been observed in captivity to devour the entrails which have been removed from their fellows, and to eat raw sheep's liver.

Betsy made no move to assist but continued to eat her sandwich.

The gr eat mass of the peasantry was originally free.

This looks like a good spot to eat lunch.

They shall eat horseflesh yet, like the Turks! exclaimed Kutuzov without replying, striking the table with his podgy fist.