Sentence Examples with the word Easter

The slaughter of a lamb at the Passover or Easter season, whose blood was smeared on the door-post, as described in Ex.

Should The 14Th Of The Moon, Which Is Regarded As The Day Of Full Moon, Happen On A Sunday, The Celebration Of Easter Was Deferred To The Sunday Following, In Order To Avoid Concurrence With The Jews And The Above Mentioned Heretics.

Having Determined The Epact Of The Year, It Only Remains To Find Easter Sunday From The Conditions Already Laid Down.

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The Golden Numbers Have Been Placed So That Easter May Fall On The Same Day As In The Gregorian Calendar.

On the Thursday before Easter a special church service is celebrated, and the wells are beautifully ornamented with flowers, prayers being offered at each.

Hence We Derive The Following Rule For Finding Easter Sunday From The Tables: 1St, Find The Golden Number, And, From Table Iii., The Epact Of The Proposed Year.

In Easter Island a form of the house-god is the lizard; it is also a tutelary deity in Madagascar.

On Easter Eve the new fire, symbol of the light of the newly risen Christ, is produced, and from this are kindled all the lights used throughout the Christian year until, in the gathering darkness (tenebrae) of the Passion, they are gradually extinguished.

During the second voyage Cook visited Easter Island, discovered several islands of the New Hebrides and New Caledonia; and on his way home by Cape Horn, in March 1774, he discovered the Sandwich Island group and described South Georgia.

In Easter term 1510 he went to Oxford, where Foxe says he was entered of Magdalen Hall.