Sentence Examples with the word EXTRACT

It must launch itself in the ocean of air, and must extract from that air, by means of its travelling surfaces - however fashioned and however applied - the recoil or resistance necessary to elevate and carry it forward.

They aren't responsible for the oil being in Alaska and do nothing to extract the oil from the earth.

He tried to supply this by giving raw meat and glycerine extract of meat, but although he seemed to get some benefit from the treatment, it was not sufficiently marked to attract general attention.

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The extract of henbane is rich in nitrate of potassium and other inorganic salts.

Rend., 1891, 112, p. 866) is obtained by mixing a solution of sodium hyposulphite with double its volume of hydrochloric acid, filtering and extracting with chloroform; the extract yielding the variety on evaporation.

A secondary result of this line of study was the preparation of his food for infants and of his extract of meat.

Rocella tinctoria, Lecanora, and formed by fusing extract of aloes with potash.

In the form of extract or tincture it is a valuable remedy in the hands of a medical man, either as an anodyne, a hypnotic or a sedative.

The chief exports are chestnut extract for tanning, cedrates, citrons, oranges, early vegetables, fish, copper ore and antimony ore.

He gave an extract from the correspondence between Oberlin and Bodmann (now preserved in the Paris Nat.