Sentence Examples with the word EXTRA

Quinn was required to pick up extra classes when an older professor passed away suddenly.

They talked mostly baseball until the mushrooms, olives, peppers, onions, sausage and extra cheese of the house special were safely put away.

Thus a shipper of cattle is not entitled to have the extra wages and provisions of his cattlemen on board, nor the extra fodder consumed by the cattle during the stay at a repairing port, made as good as G.A.

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The food-products from any shippers are received into these cars at the various railway stations at the usual rates, without extra charge for icing or cold-storage service.

Visible differences in the chromosomes have even been observed, especially in insects, which are due apparently to an unequal division by which an additional or accessory chromosome is produced, or in some cases one or two extra chromosomes which differ in size from the others.

In gases the electrons sometimes travel alone, but in liquids they are always attached to matter, and their motion involves the movement of chemical atoms or groups of atoms. An atom with an extra corpuscle is a univalent negative ion, an atom with one corpuscle detached is a univalent positive ion.

Between job, commuting and home life there was little extra time.

Saddle a mule for each person; pack all the supplies you might need on the extra mules and burn the rest of the supplies.

Her presence was reassuring but she was driving extra miles to work every day.

The following are the names of the six boards: (I) Tresviri capitales (see Tresviri); (2) Tresviri monetales; (3) Quatuorviri viis in urbe purgandis, who had the care of the streets and roads inside the city; (4) Duoviri viis extra urbem purgandis '(see DuovIRI), abolished by Augustus; (5) Decemviri stlitibus judicandis (see DECEMvIRI); (6) Quatuor praefecti Capuam Cumas, abolished by Augustus.