Sentence Examples with the word EXTORT

In addition to the Offenburg programme, the Sturinpetition of the 1st of March 1848 attempted to extort from the government the most far-reaching concessions.

For family reasons and for personal reasons also, for she wished to extort from him the payment of the balance of her dowry.

The trials were conducted with the most scandalous contempt of justice, and moral and physical torture was applied to extort confessions.

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His granting of the Roman citizenship to all Egyptians in common with the other provincials was only to extort more taxes.

In Aragon, indeed, the nobles did extort a promise from the king that they should not be put to death or deprived of their estates by his mere decision.

Lastly in 1153 he was able, through the aid of the Church and his mother's partisans, to extort from Stephen the recognition of his claim to the English succession; and this claim was asserted without opposition immediately after Stephen's death (25th of October 1154).

He was taken from the Federal service in Washington to New York City by a reform mayor and put in charge of the police, because he had shown both physical and moral courage in fighting corruption of all sorts; and the New York police force at that time was thoroughly tainted with corruption, not in its rank and file, but among its superior officers, who used the power in their hands to extort money bribes chiefly from saloonkeepers, liquor-dealers, gamblers and prostitutes.

It sounded far too good to be true, especially since Darkyn knew who she was and what he might extort out of Gabriel to have his mate returned.

Depretis and his colleague Genala, minister of public works, experienced great difficulty in securing parliamentary sanction for the conventions, not so much on account of their defective character, as from the opposition of local interests anxious tc extort new lines from the government.

The insults of Talleyrand, and his shameless attempts to extort bribes from the American commissioners, roused the deep anger of the people against France.