Sentence Examples with the word EXTERNALITIES

The new covenant of redeeming grace - the righteousness which is in the heart and not in externalities of legal observance or ceremonial - are once more proclaimed, and the exalted ideals of the suffering servant of Isa.

Well, businesses are very efficient and, over the long term, will choose a location less able to compel them to internalize negative externalities (or, more rarely, overly compensate them for positive externalities, as in cities offering tax breaks to businesses.)Therefore, rational-acting businesses will likely locate in areas that allow them to inflict negative externalities without requiring compensation.

Properly speaking, the individual was related to God only through the externalities of the clan or tribal life, its common temple and its common sacra.

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However, being socially conscious, you look at the effect on the entire system, the externalities of your decision, and count those equally with your own personal factors when making the decision.

But there is no serious attempt to systematically calculate the externalities of everything with an eye toward replacing the tax code.