Sentence Examples with the word EXPOSITION

Receive ampler 'and more splendid exposition than in the great lyrical passages of chap. xl.

In 1859 lie won a medal of the second class at the Paris Salon, and at the Exposition Universelle of 1889 a gold medal.

Of this necessity there is a growing consciousness in recent years, and no more notable exposition of it has been published than is contained in James Ward's Naturalism and Agnosticism.

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In 1788 he published Deputation aux Etats generaux, a pamphlet remarkable for its bold exposition of liberal principles, and partly on the strength of this he was elected deputy to the states-general by the Third Estate of the bailliage of Metz.

They adventured a complete exposition of Christian doctrine that should be altogether ecclesiastical and at the same time altogether rational.

This drastic scepticism is the first and the most thorough exposition of agnosticism in the history of thought.

The most important of Considerant's other writings were Exposition du systeme de Fourier (1845), Principes du socialisme (1847), Theorie du droit de propriete et du droit au travail (1848).

The most important speeches and papers are: - The South Carolina Exposition (1828); Speech on the Force Bill (1833); Reply to Webster (1833); Speech on the Reception of Abolitionist Petitions (1836), and on the Veto Power (1842); a Disquisition on Government, and a Discourse on the Constitution and Government of the United States (1849-1850) - the last two, written a short time before his death, defend with great ability the rights of a minority under a government such as that of the United States.

While holding the episcopal office Gennadius drew up, apparently for the use of Mahommed, a lucid confession or exposition of the Christian faith, which was translated into Turkish by Ahmed, judge of Beroea, and first printed by A.

The Isiac mysteries were a representation of the chief events in the myth of Isis and Osiris - the murder of Osiris, the lamentations of Isis and her wanderings, followed by the triumph of Horus over Seth and the resurrection of the slain god - accompanied by music and an exposition of the inner meaning of the spectacle.