Sentence Examples with the word EXPLOSIVE

NITROGLYCERIN, C3H5(N03)3 or CH 2 NO 3 Chno 3 CH2N03 glyceryl trinitrate, an explosive first obtained in 1846 by Ascanio Sobrero (Mem.

When the war commenced the War Office and the army were full of explosive and inaccurate ideas regarding the Press.

Many forms of oxyhydrogen lamps have been invented, but the explosive nature of the gaseous mixture rendered them all more or less dangerous.

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It is decomposed by water with explosive violence.

The highway department would periodically close the road and, using explosive devices, create slides in a controlled condition, lessening the chance for a surprising and perhaps deadly run loosed by nature on the unsuspecting below.

Release of stored-up masses in the coal, which, overpowering the ventilation, produce magazines of explosive material ready for ignition when brought in contact with the flame of a lamp or the blast of a shot.

This solution absorbs acetylene with the precipitation of red cuprous acetylide, Cu 2 C 2, a very explosive compound.

It is a very powerful oxidizing agent; wood and paper in contact with the acid inflame with explosive violence.

FULMINIC ACID, Hcno or H 2 C 2 N 2 0 2, an organic acid isomeric with cyanic and cyanuric acids; its salts, termed fulminates, are very explosive and are much employed as detonators.

The explosive wave from the dry guncotton primer is in fact better responded to by the wet compressed material than the dry, and its detonation is somewhat sharper than that of the dry.