Sentence Examples with the word EXPLODING

Again all was silent and then again it sounded as if someone were walking on detonators and exploding them.

Hydrogen may be estimated by absorption by heated palladium contained in a capillary through which the gas is passed, or by exploding (under reduced pressure) with an excess of oxygen, and measuring the diminution in volume, two-thirds of which is the volume of hydrogen.

I know you don't know what the fuck that is, but it means no immortal monsters sucking my blood and tearing up my body, no tattoos, no four-hundred- thousand-year-old angels in the bodies of five-year-olds, no buildings exploding when I get near them, no trip to Hell.

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Of the energy exerted by the powder in exploding will be employed in propelling the ball, and ih in producing the recoil of the gun, provided the gun up to the instant of the balls quitting the muzzle meets with no resistance to its recoil except the friction of the ball.

Making his way up the Roanoke as far as Plymouth he there sank the ironclad at her wharf by exploding a spar-torpedo (October 27).

They are very unstable, exploding violently when heated or rubbed.

Phosphoryl trifluoride, POF3, may be obtained by exploding 2 volumes of phosphorus trifluoride with 1 volume of oxygen (Moissan, 1886); by heating 2 parts of finely-divided cryolite and 3 parts of phosphorus pentoxide (Thorpe and Hambly, Jour.

The volume composition of carbon monoxide is established by exploding a mixture of the gas with oxygen, two volumes of the gas combining with one volume of oxygen to form two volumes of carbon dioxide.

They claim they can produce one kilogram of human insulin per acre of safflower, which would be enough to treat 2,500 diabetic patients, and estimate they could meet the exploding global demand for insulin with only three commercial farms of genetically modified safflower.

As a preliminary step to the determination of the pressure in the bore of a gun, it is desirable to measure the pressure obtained by exploding a charge of powder in a closed vessel, varying the weight of the charge and thereby the density of the powder-gas.