Sentence Examples with the word EXPIRED

There is no foundation for the legend that he expired with profane sarcasms upon his lips.

This annuity expired before his death; and he was compelled to make more than one fresh appeal to the bounty of the Company, which was never withheld.

In another form of apparatus advantage is taken of the property possessed by sodium-potassium peroxide of giving off oxygen when damped; the residue of caustic soda and potash yielded by the reaction is used to absorb the carbonic acid of the expired air.

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The Fraticelli spiritualists, and similar sects who fed their imagination with his doctrine, expired in the flames to which Fra Dolcino Longino and Margharita were consigned.

He expired at Potsdam on the 15th of June 1888, after a reign of ninety-nine days.

Cleveland's second term expired on the 4th of March 1897, and he then retired into private life, universally respected and constantly consulted, in the university town of Princeton, New Jersey, where he died on the 24th of June 1908.

The law under which Great Britain enjoyed the most favored nation treatment expired on the 31st of December 1905, but its provisions were continued by the Bundesrat until further notice.

In the following year, on the 18th of October 1865, Lord Palmerston expired at Brocket Hall, after a short illness, in the eighty-first year of his age.

The last days of Matthias were occupied in endeavouring to secure the succession to the throne for his illegitimate son Janos (see Corvinus, Janos); but Queen Beatrice, though childless, fiercely and openly opposed the idea and the matter was still pending when Matthias, who had long been crippled by gout, expired very suddenly on Palm Sunday, the 4th of April 1490.

Important innovations in the constitution of 1897 are the office of lieutenantgovernor, and the veto power of the governor which may extend to parts and clauses of appropriation bills, but a bill may be passed over his veto by a three-fifths vote of each house of the legislature, and a bill becomes a law if not returned to the legislature withil l ten days after its reception by the governor, unless the session of the legislature shall have expired in the meantime.