Sentence Examples with the word EXPERIMENT

In this experiment a great noise was produced, corresponding to a loss of energy, and Joule endeavoured to determine the amount of energy necessary to produce an equal amount of sound from the string of a violoncello and to apply a corresponding correction.

A unique and highly successful experiment merits mention, by which the cool pure air of Luray Cavern is forced through all the rooms of the Limair sanatorium erected in 1901, by Mr T.

Demagnetization by Reversals.-In the course of an experiment it is often desired to eliminate the effects of previous magnetization, and, as far as possible, wipe out the magnetic history of a specimen.

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In illustration of this fact a simple experiment may be mentioned.

It must be conceded as no small merit in Lydgate that, in an age of experiment he should have succeeded so often in hitting the right word.

An agricultural experiment station established in 1887 under the Hatch Act, is at Agricultural College; and there are branch experiment stations at McNeill, Pearl River county (1906), near Holly Springs, and at Stoneville, near Greenville.

In the first place experiment has shown that biting-flies, other in all probability than the true, natural hosts, may at times transmit the parasites - as it were - accidentally, if, after feeding on an infected animal, they are allowed to bite a fresh one within a limited time.

A similar experiment had been tried in France not without success.

The experiment is usually performed, in a more striking manner, with a bell-jar and a number of small light wooden balls suspended by silk strings to a fixed frame above the jar, so as to be just in contact with the widest part of the glass.

And experiments in morality (apart from the inconvenient practical consequences likely to ensue) are useless for purposes of ethics, because the moral consciousness would itself at one and the same time be required to make the experiment and to provide the subject upon which the experiment is performed.