Sentence Examples with the word EXEMPTS

Roger Bacon, in his severe criticism on the ignorance of Greek displayed by the most eminent scholastic writers, expressly exempts Erigena, and ascribes to him a knowledge of Aristotle in the original.

C. 32), exempts the priest from parochial offices, such as those of churchwarden and constable, and from serving in the militia or on a jury, and enables all Roman Catholics scrupling the oaths of office to exercise the office of churchwarden and some other offices by deputy.

The homestead law of New Hampshire exempts from seizure for debt five hundred dollars' worth of any person's homestead except for the enforcement of a mortgage upon it, for the collection of debts incurred in making repairs or improvements, or for the collection of taxes.

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He was almost the only one among them whom Dundonald, with whom he served in a successful attack on an Egyptian war-ship near Alexandria, exempts from the sweeping charges of cowardice he brings against the Greeks.

There is also a clause which exempts from seizure for debt the homestead, not more than two hundred acres of land in the country, or a house of any value in a city or town on a lot or lots not exceeding five thousand dollars in value at the time of its designation as the homestead.

Colorado law exempts land owners from most liability if the land for recreational is freely offered, at no charge.