Sentence Examples with the word EXEMPT

A homestead of this size is exempt from levy for the debts of the intestate except in case of an incumbrance given by consent of both husband and wife, or of obligations for purchase money, or of liens for making improvements, and the homestead of a family cannot be alienated without the joint consent of husband and wife.

Though himself pious, of blameless morality, hospitable to a fault, and so exempt from avarice, says his secretary Conti, that he could not endure the sight of money, it was Sixtus's misfortune to have had no natural outlet for strong affections except unworthy relatives; and his great vices were nepotism, ambition and extravagance.

Originally Caleb alone was exempt and for his faith received a blessing; later tradition adds Joshua and in Deut.

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The senators must be not less than thirty-five years of age, and are exempt from all legal processes not previously authorized by the senate during their term of office, except in cases of arrest in flagrante delicto for a capital crime.

Inhabitants of Natal are practically exempt from chest diseases.

Nevertheless, the enmity of Judah is passed over, and when the kingdom is divided for administrative purposes into twelve districts, which ignore the tribal divisions, the centre of David's early power is exempt from the duty of providing supplies (r Kings iv.).

They are exempt from billeting and military service, but are not entitled (except in the Levant, where also freedom from arrest and trial is the rule) to have private chapels in their houses.

Autographs (which may be taken to include whatever, though not actually in the writing of its author, has been revised and attested by him) are not exempt from the operations of textual criticism.

The lettres de cachet, on the contrary, were signed simply by a secretary of state (formerly known as secretaire des commandements) for the king; they bore merely the imprint of the king's privy seal, from which circumstance they were often called, in the r4th and r5th centuries, lettres de petit signet or lettres de petit cachet, and were entirely exempt from the control of the chancellor.

The grounds for the music hall were given by the city and are perpetually exempt from taxation.