Sentence Examples with the word EXECUTIONER

The Spaniard became the swordsman and executioner of the counter-Reformation, because the power of the House of Austria depended on the imposition of religious unity in Europe.

The Gulf of Venezuela, with its towns of Maracaibo and Gibraltar, were attacked and plundered under the command of a Frenchman named L'0110nois, who performed, it is said, the office of executioner upon the whole crew of a Spanish vessel manned with ninety seamen.

She wasn't about to contradict the cold executioner when he was in this mood.

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Of Cartesianism towards the close of the 17th century the only remnants were an overgrown theory of vortices, which received its death-blow from Newton, and a dubious phraseology anent innate ideas, which found a witt y executioner in Locke.

II.); Apollo and the executioner complete the group. In the Lateran museum at Rome there is a statue representing Marsyas in the act of picking up the flute, a copy of a masterpiece by Myron (Hyginus, Fab.

Some people began to laugh, others continued to watch in dismay the executioner who was undressing the other man.

Her eyes slid to Dustin as she tried to reconcile the executioner with the man who liked presents.

He was Czerno's personal hit man, an executioner with no heart or soul.

The last act affected us most deeply, and we all wept, wondering how the executioner could have the heart to tear the King from his loving wife's arms.

Napoleon, predestined by Providence for the gloomy role of executioner of the peoples, assured himself that the aim of his actions had been the peoples' welfare and that he could control the fate of millions and by the employment of power confer benefactions.