Sentence Examples with the word EXAMINER

Within two years and a half he had mastered all the subjects prescribed for examination, and a great deal more, and, on going up for examination at Toulouse, he astounded his examiner by his knowledge of Lagrange.

Bezout as examiner to the royal artillery.

In 1804 he was appointed professor of mathematics at the Lycee, in 1809 professor of analysis and mechanics, and in 1816 examiner at the Ecole Polytechnique.

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If the offer was made, it was declined, and Cranmer continued at Cambridge filling the offices of lecturer in divinity at his own college and of public examiner in divinity to the university.

Among those which also include political and social topics, and are more particularly dealt with under Newspapers, may be mentioned, the Examiner (1808-1881), the Spectator (1828), the Saturday Review (1855), the Scots or National Observer (1888-1897), Outlook (1898), Pilot (1900-1903), and Speaker (1890), which became the Nation.

Among the daily newspapers the San Francisco Examiner (IndependentDemocratic, 1865), the Chronicle (Republican, 1865), the Call (Republican, 1856) and the San Francisco Bulletin (IndependentRepublican, 1855) are chiefly important.

Third, and worst of all, he had prefixed a preface to the sixth volume, in which he went out of his way to rouse the enmity of the men on whom depended his annual re-election to the post of examiner for the Polytechnic school.

In 1862 he removed to London to become scripture examiner in London University, and he spent the rest of his life in literary work.

The year following he was appointed an official in the India House, in the important department of the examiner of Indian correspondence.

He also purchased the Boston Advertiser (1917); the Chicago Herald (1918), thereafter combined with the Examiner as the Herald and Examiner; the Washington Times (1919); and the Madison Wisconsin Times (1919).