Sentence Examples with the word EVASIVE

Persia claimed the principality of Herat as part of the empire of Nadir, but her pretensions had been satisfied by payments of tribute or evasive replies.

I know, and I guess I was deliberately a little evasive because I wanted you to learn to trust me.

By the 16th of March 1866 the Austrian war preparations were so far advanced that Count Mensdorff thought it safe to send an ultimatum to Prussia and, at the same time, a circular note to the princes declaring that, in the event of an evasive reply, Austria would move in the diet for the mobilization of the federal forces.

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PREVARICATION, a divergence from the truth, equivocation, quibbling, a want of plain-dealing or straightforwardness, especially a deliberate misrepresentation by evasive answers, often used as a less offensive synonym for a lie.

Questioning Sarah always led to an evasive answer and a change of subject.

Deidre was evasive about what happened though she, too, was insistent that the terms were complete.