Sentence Examples with the word ETHICAL

In the ethical Mystic reflections, wise maxims and moral exhortations Poetsy.

Thus religion is ethical through and through, as God's inner nature, expressed in forgiveness, mercy, righteousness and truth, is not something transcendental, but belongs to the realm of daily life.

Beneath his fun-making we can discern a man who is fundamentally serious, and whose ethical standards are ever lofty.

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Partly, no doubt, the limited influence of his disciples, the Peripatetics, is to be attributed to that exaltation of the purely speculative life which distinguished the Aristotelian ethics from other later systems, and which was too alien from the common moral consciousness to find much acceptance in an age in which the ethical aims of philosophy had again become paramount.

In ethical precepts, in directions for right living (that is, asceticism), the two systems approximate more and more closely.

Regarded as the main contribution to ethical theory of idealist writers, and as such treated severely by hostile critics.

Ormazd is light and life, and creates all that is pure and good - in the ethical world of law, order and truth.

It is frequently impossible to discover whether he wishes by an appeal to evolutionary principles to reinforce the sanctions and emphasize the absolute character of the traditional morality which in the main he accepts without question from the current opinions about conduct of his age, or whether he wishes to discredit and disprove the validity of that morality in order to substitute by the aid of the biological sciences a new ethical code.

We may, alternatively, describe Martineau's religion as his applied philosophy or his philosophy as his explicated religion, and both as the expression of his singularly fine ethical and reverent nature.

Xxi.- xxiii.) bear the distinct impress of the high ethical character of Yahweh's requirements originally set forth by Moses.