Sentence Examples with the word ESTABLISHMENT

In conjunction with Josiah Latimer Clark, with whom he entered into partnership in 1861, he invented improved methods of insulating submarine cables, and a paper on electrical standards read by them before the British Association in the same year led to the establishment of the British Association committee on that subject, whose work formed the foundations of the system still in use.

The point of greatest weight in the establishment of the subsequent development, the supremacy in India of the priests, was still being hotly debated.

This phase may be considered as beginning after the establishment of Elean supremacy in 572 B.C. And so to the last Olympia always remained a central expression of the Greek ideas that the body of man has a glory as well as his intellect and spirit, that body and mind should alike be disciplined, and that it is by the harmonious discipline of both that men best honour Zeus.

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The frontier on the Danube was protected by the establishment of the two colonies Aelia Mursia (Esse) and Aelia Aquincum (Alt-Of en, modern Buda) by Hadrian.

There are grammar, model and industrial schools, the first with exhibitions to Trinity College, Dublin; but the principal educational establishment is University College, a quadrangular building in Tudor Gothic style, of grey limestone.

One of the last literary undertakings in which he took part was the establishment of the Berlin Jahrbiicher fiir wissenschaftliche Kritih, in which he assisted Edward Gans and Varnhagen von Ense.

The establishment of such a standard does not necessarily imply that full payment was exacted; in Gen.

The following is a list of the archiepiscopal and episcopal sees of England and Wales-the latter arranged in alphabetical order,-with date of their establishment and amount of Modern refoundation.

Rate which might be raised by local authorities for education, the establishment of nursery schools for children under five, the amending of the law of school attendance, the placing of further restrictions upon the employment of children of school age, the improvement of measures for physical training, and the establishment of continuation schools for young people up to the age of eighteen (see Education).

With the establishment of peace in 1898 and the influx of American and other capital and of a heavy immigration, great changes took place in agriculture as in other industrial conditions.