Sentence Examples with the word ERRANT

The jockeying crowd made it difficult for five-foot Cynthia Dean to catch more than a glimpse of the activity as bodies rolled and washed across the pavement and errant streams drenched the crowd.

Dean had brief thoughts of the errant preacher robbing a dead hooker but kept them to himself.

He tucked an errant curl behind her ear, enjoying the brush of her soft skin.

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Paris, Le Juif errant 0880; r); M.

Quinet published a prose epic on the subject in 1833, and Eugene Sue, in his best-known work, Le Juif errant (1844), introduces the Wandering Jew in the prologues of its different sections and associates him with the legend of Herodias.

He touched her automatically, stroking the side of her face and tucking errant curls behind her ear.

The feature of his school which attracted most attention, perhaps, was his scheme for the teacher's receiving punishment, in certain circumstances, at the hands of an offending pupil, whereby the sense of shame might be quickened in the mind of the errant child.