Sentence Examples with the word EPISTOLA

The Epistola ad omnes philosophos and the Homily on the Penitent Thief, ascribed by Armenian tradition to Aristides, are really of 5th-century origin.

The most thorough replies have been those of Lunemann (Pauli ad Philipp. epistola contra Baurium defensa, 1847); Ernesti (Studien and Kritiken, 1848, pp. 858-924, 18 5 1, pp. 591-632); B.

It contented itself with reaffirming the Nicene and Constantinopolitan creeds and the Ephesine formula of 431, and accepting, only after examination, the Christological statement contained in the Epistola Dogmatica of Leo I.

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He prepared editions, which won the praise of Edward Gibbon,' of the Ars poetica and Epistola ad Pisones (1749), and the Epistola ad Augustum (1751) of Horace.

He also induced Pope Celestine to publish an Epistola ad episcopos Gallorum against Cassian.

Allegre, De Ione Chio (1890), an exhaustive monograph and Bentley, Epistola ad Millium.

Wildschut, De vi diction-is et sermonis elegantia in epistola ad Philem.

The earliest of these to appear was his defence of religious liberty, in the Epistola de Tolerantia, addressed to Limborch, published at Gouda in the spring of 1689, and translated into English in autumn by William Popple, a Unitarian merchant in London.

The best of his lyrical work, excellent for finish and intense sincerity, is his Epistola to Emilio Arrieta, and had he chosen to dedicate himself to lyric poetry, he might possibly have ranked with the best of Spain's modern singers; as it is, he is a very considerable poet who affects the dramatic form.

His principal works are - Propaedeumata aphoristica (London, 1 55 8); Monas hieroglyphica (Antwerp, 1564); Epistola ad Fredericum Commandinum (Pesaro, 1570); Preface Mathematical to the English Euclid (1570); Divers Annotations and Inventions added after the tenth book of English Euclid (1570); Epistola praefixa Ephemeridibus Joannis Feldi, a.