Sentence Examples with the word ENUMERATED

Among other public buildings may be enumerated the civic hall, the law courts and the old town-hall.

This fact somewhat weakens the various identifications that have been proposed for the cities of Bashan enumerated by name.

The different kinds of papyrus writing material and their dimensions are also enumerated by Pliny.

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In this case the ground forms, called also perpetuants, have been enumerated and actual representative seminvariant forms established.

It brought into existence the twenty-eight Metropolitan boroughs enumerated at the outset of this article.

In Strabo's time, (latter half of 1st century B.C.) the principal buildings were as follows, enumerated as they were to be seen from a ship entering the Great Harbour.

The various uses to which the papyrus plant was applied are also enumerated by Theophrastus.

The most important subjects of his inquiries are enumerated by Forbes under the following five heads: - (1) The laws of polarization by reflection and refraction, and other quantitative laws of phenomena; (2) The discovery of the polarizing structure induced by heat and pressure; (3) The discovery of crystals with two axes of double refraction, and many of the laws of their phenomena, including the connexion of optical structure and crystalline forms; (4) The laws of metallic reflection; (5) Experiments on the absorption of light.

Among the smaller birds may be enumerated finches, the siskin, bullfinch, pipit, titmouse, wagtail, lark, fine-crested wren, hedge-sparrow, corn-wren, nut-hatch, starling, swallow, martin, swift, thrush, butcher bird, shrike, dipper, yellow-hammer, ortolan and a warbler (Accentor alpinus).

It might well be maintained that the faults just enumerated were only cankers inseparable from every new and great movement, and that these excrescences would disappear in course of time, and the whole movement enter upon a more tranquil path.