Sentence Examples with the word ENTRY

Instead of marching on to Kassala, Ras Alula, who at this time was much offended by the transfer of Massawa by the Egyptians to Italy, made a triumphant entry into Asmara, and absolutely refused to make any further efforts to extricate Egyptian garrisons from the grip of the khalifa.

In the West, however, in the middle ages, the procession with candles and banners outside the church was taken as symbolical of Christ's triumphant entry into heaven.

The only way in which their turgidity is modified is by the entry of water into them from the contiguous cells of the general epidermis and its subsequent withdrawai through the same channel.

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He is registered at the age of twenty, is called to the colors on the 1st of October of the next year, discharged to the active army reserve on the 3oth of September of the second year thereafter, to the Territorial Army at the same date thirteen complete years after his incorporation, and finally discharged from the reserve of the Territorial Army on the twenty-fifth anniversary of his entry into the active army.

The British admiral, delayed by contrary winds, had not been able to start from the entry to the Straits of Gibraltar till the 1 r th of May..

A mine should always be opened by drift or entry if practicable, as thereby the expense of hoisting and pumping is avoided.

NEWPORT NEWS, a city and port of entry of Warwick county, Virginia, U.S.A., on the James River and Hampton Roads, 14 m.

Their national aspirations had received a contemptuous acknowledgment, when their Temple had been desecrated by the entry of a foreign conqueror.

Such events were the birthday of the head of the household; the assumption of the toga virilis by a son; the festival of the Caristia in memory of deceased members of the household; recovery from illness; the entry of a young bride into the house for the first time; return home after a long absence.

After her triumphal entry into Paris with the latter she soon became an object of loathing to the whole French nation.