Sentence Examples with the word ENTAILED

A second lapse from the state of grace entailed perpetual exclusion from the sacraments, the means of salvation.

But long and exhausting wars were entailed upon her for the maintenance of her hold.

Potato Diseases There are few agricultural subjects of greater importance than the culture of the potato and the losses entailed by potato disease.

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He laid much stress on the unity of the organism in every stage of its existence, with the resulting correlation of variations, so that the favouring of one particular variation entailed modifications of correlated structures.

Though not so prominent as Huxley in detailed controversy over theological problems, he played an important part in educating the public mind in the attitude which the development of natural philosophy entailed towards dogma and religious authority.

Megara's economic development entailed a change in the distribution of wealth, and consequently of political power, which is commented upon in the elegies of Theognis (q.v.).

McClellan followed up the Confederate rearguard and approached Richmond, using White House on the Pamunkey as a base of supplies; this entailed a division of his forces on either bank of the Chickahominy.

By dissolving the Chamber early in 1897 and favouring Radical candidates in the general election, he paved the way for the outbreak of May 1898, the suppression of which entailed considerable bloodshed and necessitated a state of siege at Milan, Naples, Florence and Leghorn.

This policy was accompanied by a gradual decay of civic feeling and municipal enterprise, which showed itself mainly in the unwillingness of the townsmen to become candidates for local magistracies, or to take up the burdens entailed in membership of the municipal senate.

Corps been thrown into the doubtful struggle at Quatre Bras, it must have crushed Wellington; had it been used at Ligny it would have entailed Blucher's annihilation.