Sentence Examples with the word ENSUE

If in extracting the insect the abdomen be ruptured, serious trouble may ensue from the resulting inflammation.

He was one of the first to perceive the vast changes which must ensue from the introduction of steam into the navy, which would necessitate a new system of signals and a new method of tactics.

The battle that started to ensue made the violent movie Gladiator look like a picnic.

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But this was very far North, be it remembered, where beer agrees well with the constitution; upon the Equator, in our southern fishery, beer would be apt to make the harpooneer sleepy at the mast-head and boozy in his boat; and grievous loss might ensue to Nantucket and New Bedford.

Here he pleaded his own cause so powerfully, and proved so incontestably the advantage which might ensue to the Visconti from his alliance, if he held the regno, that he obtained his I release and, recognition as king.

Ance in this region inevitably follows, Oesophagus and and when further contractions of the mouth shown by walls of the sheath ensue total exdotted lines.

He pictured the consequences of that temper of vengeance which animated the Parisian mob and was fatally controlling the policy of the Convention, and the prostration which would ensue to France after even a successful struggle with a European coalition, which would spring up after the murder of the king.

The protest was unheeded, the British government having realized the international complications that might ensue had the Transvaal a port of its own.

He rose and paced, dwelling on the carnage that would surely ensue if the Guardians remained vulnerable for long.

Some provisions for reciprocity arrangements with other countries, opening the way for possible reductions of duty by treaty arrangements, were also incorporated in the act of 1897, though with limitations which made it improbable that any considerable changes would ensue from this policy.