Sentence Examples with the word ENLISTMENT

To make enlistment of so large an additional number of recruits possible, the period of service with the colors was reduced to two years.

He early favoured the enlistment of negroes, and in July 1865 publicly advocated the extension of the suffrage to them.

Three parliamentary committees had prepared schemes for a remission of the land taxes, for a new system of taxation, for a reorganization of the army based on a stammtrupp (regular army), by the enlistment of hired soldiers, and for naval reforms. In this last connexion the most suitable types of vessels for coast defence as for offence were determined upon.

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Owing to the silladar system, under which the Indian sowar provided his own horse and provender in return for a monthly wage, the Indian cavalry were almost to a man in debt, and therefore favoured any attempt to upset the existing regime, and with it to wipe out the moneylender and his books; and the general enlistment order passed in July 1856, for the purposes of the war in Persia, made the Hindu sepoys afraid of losing caste by crossing the sea.

In1861-1863he was a member of the national House of Representatives, where, while advocating the prosecution of the war, he opposed such radical measures as the division of Virginia, the enlistment of slaves and the Conscription Acts.

After the fall of Fort Sumter he advocated the enlistment of 500,000 instead of 75, 000 men for a long instead of a short term, and the vigorous enforcement of confiscation measures.

Under the monarchy, the army was maintained at its normal strength partly by voluntary enlistment and conscription, the chief law regulating it being that of 1887, as variously modified in subsequent years.

In 1871 he accompanied Iwakura on an important mission to Europe,, 'which, though diplomatically a failure, resulted in the enlistment of the services of European authorities on military, naval and educational systems.

The greater part of 1506 and 1507 was spent in organizing the new militia, corresponding on the subject, and scouring the country on enlistment service.

Some of the men are recruited from the neighbouring territories, but the greater part consists of locally raised levies, recruited partly by voluntary enlistment and partly by the enforced enlistment of a certain number of men in each district, who are selected by the commissary in conjunction with the local chiefs.