Sentence Examples with the word ENCOURAGE

Our Emperor joined the army to encourage it to defend every inch of Russian soil and not to retreat.

The production of silk and wine, of coca and quinine; to promote forestry; to improve elementary and higher education - for all which purposes the Ministerio del Fomento is a potent engine; to encourage colonization; and, above all, to place the national credit on a sound basis.

Euyfvr t s, well born), the modern name given to the science which deals with the influences which improve the inborn qualities of a race, but more particularly with those which develop them to the utmost advantage, and which generally serves to disseminate knowledge and encourage action in the direction of perpetuating a higher racial standard.

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The Emperor was with the army to encourage it, but his presence and ignorance of what steps to take, and the enormous number of advisers and plans, destroyed the first army's energy and it retired.

Villeneuve, who was to have co-operated with Missiessy; did indeed leave Toulon, at a moment when Nelson, whose policy it was to encourage him to come out by not staying too near the port, was absent, on the 17th of January 1805.

The tenor of his speeches was always to encourage Ministers in vigorous action - on such questions, for instance, as the mobilization of industry, the treatment of aliens and the provision of munitions.

At the same time he did much to encourage agriculture and local industries, among others establishing the manufacture of porcelain.

The reception it met with was not calculated to encourage constitutional methods.

No, if you must know, he was trying to encourage me to get out and date.

To encourage the instruction of children who by reason of distance cannot attend a government or government-aided school, grants-in-aid are made for each pupil attending farm schools.