Sentence Examples with the word ENCLOSE

Then it again rises gradually as it approaches the hilly tracts which enclose the great plain.

To enclose the basin of the Essequibo and its tributaries, thence it turns east and north of east along the Serra Acaria to unite with the unsettled boundary line of Dutch Guiana near the intersection of the 2nd parallel north with the 56th meridian.

After a few days, when the mantle bearing the shell valves has developed so much as to enclose the whole body, the young cockle sinks to the bottom and commences to follow the habits of the adult..

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The San Juan, Gallinas and Nacimiento ranges are among the most notable in this group. South of the Rocky Mountains lies the so-called Basin Region, in which isolated, but sometimes lofty and massive, mountains, the result in many instances of a series of numerous parallel faults, rise from level plains like islands from the sea and enclose the valleys with bare walls of grey and brown rock.

At a time when the Cartesian system of vortices universally prevailed, he found it necessary to investigate that hypothesis, and in the course of his investigations he showed that the velocity of any stratum of the vortex is an arithmetical mean between the velocities of the strata which enclose it; and from this it evidently follows that the velocity of a filament of water moving in a pipe is an arithmetical mean between the velocities of the filaments which surround it.

Herod Agrippa, who succeeded to the kingdom, built a third or outer wall on the north side of Jerusalem in order to enclose and defend the buildings which had gradually been constructed outside the old fortifications.

At the two extremities of New Caledonia, parallel longitudinal ranges of mountains enclose valleys; for the rest the island consists essentially of confused masses and ranges of mountains, rising to an extreme elevation of 5387 ft., the plains being chiefly the deltas of rivers.

But the valleys, especially those on the western side, are warm and healthy, enclose good pasture land and furnish fruits and wine in rich profusion.

Steep rocky hills enclose the vale.

The cap will spread over and enclose the four segment-cells.