Sentence Examples with the word ENCEINTE

Then if the city grew up to this extended enceinte the outer forts would be too near.

It is built partly on an island and partly on the left bank of the Oder; and owing to the fortified enceinte having been pushed farther afield, new quarters have been opened up. Among its most important buildings are the cathedral, in the Gothic, and a castle (now used as a courthouse), in the Renaissance style, two other Roman Catholic and three Protestant churches, a new town-hall, a synagogue, a military hospital, two classical schools (Gymnasien) and several libraries.

The north-west corner tower is also in part preserved, and traces of other parts of the enceinte have been found.

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Giovanni Fuorcivitus (so called because it was outside the line of the earliest, pentagonal, enceinte of the middle ages), with one of the long sides elaborately adorned with small arcades in the Pisan style, in black and white marble, also with sculpture by Gruamons (1162) on the facade.

This lies about half-way round the enceinte and formerly admitted the road from Perga.

At Antwerp the old citadel and enceinte were removed.

There are also a few traces of an inner enceinte of the Roman period.

The Porta della Fuga (the name alludes to the repulse of Hannibal) occupies the site of a Roman gate, but is itself medieval: while the medieval enceinte encloses a somewhat wider area than the ancient.

The old entrenched camp enclosed by the castle, Fort La Miotte, and Fort Justice, is still maintained, and part even of the enceinte built by Vauban is used for defensive purposes.

Distant from the enceinte were constructed.