Sentence Examples with the word EMINENCE

Clermont-Ferrand is situated on an eminence on the western border of the fertile plain of Limagne.

Even philosophers of the eminence of I.

The Fulda rises in the Wasserkuppe (3117 ft.), an eminence of the Rhdngebirge, the highest in the province.

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The appearance of the violinist Paganini in Paris, 1831, marks the starting-point of the supreme eminence Liszt ultimately attained as a virtuoso.

It is this which places Scaliger on so immeasurably higher an eminence than any of his contemporaries.

Rising to a height of 368 ft., this magnificent building is loftier than St Paul's Cathedral in London, and its size is greatly enhanced by the fact that it stands on an eminence that is itself 168 ft.

It was rebuilt in 1819 on an eminence overlooking one of the main entrances into the town, and is capable of accommodating loo resident pupils.

The original city grew up on the site of the City of London of the present day, on a slight eminence intersected by the Walor Wall-brook, and flanked on the west by the river Fleet.

His future eminence as a poet was foretold when a nightingale perched upon his lips and sang (Pliny, Nat.

On an eminence stands the ancient castle, entered by a gateway of the 13th century.