Sentence Examples with the word EMERGE

The portal opened, and she bounded through it, running to the brightest portal and through it to emerge on the snowy park behind the castle.

Out of a single cocoon emerge a varying number of young worms, the numbers being apparently characteristic of the species.

Frequently, as we emerge from the shelter of a cove or inlet, I am suddenly conscious of the spaciousness of the air about me.

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Fresh pilgrim resorts now began to spring up, and medieval shrines, which had fallen on evil days, to emerge from their obscurity.

You alone emerge unscathed.

Dean dumped some sort of casserole, frozen and packaged, into the oven without bothering to read what would emerge as their supper.

Deep down in the burrows dwell the viscachas, from which in frequented districts they seldom emerge till evening, unless to drink after a shower.

Two new theological schools began to emerge from the old Calvinistic theology of the early settlers.

This terrible intermezzo was no longer terrestrial, but was a cosmic and universal crisis in which the Messiah would emerge victorious from the final conflict with the heathen and demonic powers.

In Trendelenburg's treatment of the state, as the ethical organism in which the individual (the potential man) may be said first to emerge into actuality, we may trace his nurture on the best ideas of Hellenic antiquity.