Sentence Examples with the word ELECTORAL COLLEGE

The peasants are represented only in the fourth degree, since the delegates to the electoral college are elected by the volosts (see below).

The first break came in the spring of 1804 when Burr, who had incurred the enmity of his Republican colleagues in 1800 by seeking Federalist votes in the electoral college at Jefferson's expense, became an independent candidate for governor against Morgan Lewis.

He had 178 votes in the electoral college against 83 given for Adams. Though the work of redistribution of offices began almost at his inauguration, it is yet an incorrect account of the matter to say that Jackson corrupted the civil service.

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This plan of creating an electoral college to select the president was expected to secure the choice by the best citizens of each state, in a tranquil and deliberate way, of the man whom they in their unfettered discretion should deem fittest to be the chief magistrate of the Union.

The population of the state entitles it to seven representatives in the national House of Representatives, and to nine votes in the Electoral College (census of 1900).