Sentence Examples with the word ELDEST

Her methods were those of her cautious younger son, Leopold II., and not of her eldest son and immediate successor, Joseph II.

Of the behavior of the eldest princess and Prince Vasili she spoke disapprovingly, but in whispers and as a great secret.

CAIN, in the Bible, the eldest son of Adam and Eve (Gen.

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Geoffrey Martel, having no children, had bequeathed the countship to his eldest nephew, Geoffrey III.

The touching letters of Galileo's eldest daughter, Sister Maria Celeste, to her father were printed in 1864 by Professor Carlo Arduini, in a publication entitled La Primogenita di Galileo Galilei.

Shuja, who had been a second time defeated near Allahabad, was attacked by the imperial forces under Mir Jumla and Mahommed, Aurangzeb's eldest son, who, however, deserted and joined his uncle.

The three eldest sons on the Council were dead.

The eldest princess and Prince Vasili, recovering themselves, followed her.

Shams-uddin's aggressive character roused the people of Iconium against him, and during a riot in which Jalal-uddin's eldest son, 'Ala-uddin, was killed, he was arrested and probably executed; at least he was no more seen.

The latter's son, King Victor Emmanuel I., left no sons, and his eldest daughter, Marie Beatrice, married Francis IV., duke of Modena, Rupert, prince Charles of Bavaria (b.