Sentence Examples with the word EJECT

There is no doubt that the impact of electrons is likely to be effective in this respect, but it must be remembered that all bodies raised to a sufficient temperature are found to eject electrons, so that the presence of the free electrons is itself a consequence of temperature.

The Theridiidae eject on to the insect from their spinning mamillae drops of liquid adhesive silk; the Argyopidae, steadying it with the tips of their long front legs, sweep additional strands of silk over it with the legs of the hinder pair; the Agalenidae, attaching a long thread to a point hard by, run round and round the victim in circles, gradually winding it up beyond all hope of breaking loose.

The Arabs from Sicily came to eject the Byzantine garrison; they treated the Maltese as friends, and were not sufficiently numerous to colonize.

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The Union Civica then decided to make a bold bid for freedom by attempting forcibly to eject Celman and his clique from office.

This work is partly carried out beneath the surface and partly on the surface, upon which the worms wander at night and eject the swallowed and triturated earth; frequently castings of some height are formed of coiled ropes of agglutinated particles of mould.

To eject the advocate from power was one thing, to execute him as a traitor quite another.

The provinces agreed first to eject the foreigner, then to meet in states-general and regulate all matters of religion and defence.

Like the skunk, this animal can eject the foetid secretion of the anal glands.

Frequently this is sufficient; but if the stomach refuses to eject its objectionable contents, we may either give an emetic or wash it out by means of a stomach-pump or siphon.

The commune, however, subsisted, and was on several occasions strong enough tb eject the masters who were distasteful to it.