Sentence Examples with the word EFFIGY

On the top of the tower is the effigy of a man in iron who strikes the hours with a hammer.

The wooden effigy of Peeping Tom which, since 1812, has looked out on the world from a house at the north-west corner of Hertford Street, Coventry, represents a man in armour, and was probably an image of St George.

This is the tomb with recumbent effigy of the Cardinal Brago or De Braye (1282), with much beautiful sculpture and mosaic. It is signed Hoc oPVs Fecit Arnvlfvs.

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The Republican party, strongly sympathizing with France and strongly disliking Great Britain, had been opposed to Jay's mission, and had denounced Jay as a traitor and guillotined him in effigy when they heard that he was actually negotiating.

His effigy in the cathedral chantry and a bust on the groining of the muniment tower at Winchester college are no doubt authentic portraits.

The authenticity of this effigy is fairly well borne out by what is known of him from other sources.

He was buried in the cathedral, where his effigy was found in the chancel.

The crown on the head of the effigy of Henry IV.

The badge of the order is a cross of diamonds bearing in a medallion the effigy of St Catherine.

In the Daedala, as the festival was called at Plataea, an effigy was made from an oak-tree, dressed in bridal attire, and carried in a cart with a woman who acted as bridesmaid.