Sentence Examples with the word EFFECTS

The buccal mucous membrane will be greyish, brown or black in colour, due to the corrosive effects of the acid.

Attention must also be called to the treatise Ad Donatum, (De gratia dei), in which the new life after regeneration with its moral effects is set forth in a pure and clear light, as contrasted with the night of heathendom and its moral degradation, which were known to the author from personal experience.

Wilson's theory (1774), that they are hollows in the photosphere, long supposed to be proved by perspective effects as the spot approached the limb, is discredited by F.

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Thus passed several years; he was still young, but his new mode of life produced its effects on a man of his imagination and saintly piety.

The effects of tension upon the behaviour of a nickel wire are of a less simple character.

It is very likely that the discovery of the utility of cork for stoppering led to the invention of effervescent wine, the most plausible explanation being that Dom Perignon closed some bottles filled with partially fermented wine, with the new material, and on opening them later observed, the effects produced by the confined carbonic acid gas.

This result he achieved in spite of the Decian persecution (250251), during which he had felt it to be his duty to absent himself from his diocese, and notwithstanding the demoralizing effects of an irruption of barbarians (Goths and Boranians) who laid waste the diocese in A.D.

After carrying out a series of observations on animals, the drug can be assigned to its special group, and a good idea can be obtained of its possible practical value or the reverse; hence there is a saving of time and an avoidance of the necessity of testing its effects on man.

Locally their destructive and irritating effects vary a good deal, but even when very dilute they all have a marked poisonous action on bacteria, white blood corpuscles, yeast and similar organisms. After absorption most of them exercise a depressing effect upon the nervous system, and are capable of reducing high temperature.

Nowhere was the call responded to with greater zeal than in the Netherlands, and nowhere had the spirit of adventure and the stimulus to enterprise, which was one of the chief fruits of the crusades, more permanent effects for good.